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Alec Sullivan Leitman is my son, our son, the essence and root of where this book has been birthed from. To introduce this book is a bit fibrous because of not really knowing where to begin. Personally, the book came into vision when Alec was 13 months old, yet it began when he was born. It was put to paper when he was a bit over a year in age, due to having found myself in need of wanting to recall how utterly alien and detrimentally dire our scenario was within the birth of our son, and as time had passed, I found that I couldn’t ‘feel’ how scary all the unknown had been, so I decided to sit still and recollect it all; hence chapter #1.

I not only found it cathartic and inspirational, but found I had this pull, or ‘tug’ to want to share his story with everyone. I can still potently remember having a need to want to read something while I had been “upside down” in a specialized section, or ‘wing’, of our community hospital, waiting to give birth. I was due to stay in this ‘upside down’ position; a 45 degree angle where my feet were elevated higher than my head, for an anticipated four months, or until gestation, and reading trendy gossip was very unfulfilling, as was any virtuous, Biblical text, nor any scientific explanation that would come from a NICU text.

Secondly, Preemie Peaces was written to serve the women who were, and the women who are presently lying upside down at a 45 degree angle hoping that the position they are in, is aiding nature so to help the baby to ‘stay in-womb’ for one more minute, one more hour, one more day, one more week have something to read, something to literally hold on to; Hope..!

As time moved forward, and I began building a book, not just a story, I found that people from all walks of life who inquired, or even read parts of it were absolutely intrigued by the severity of such an experience, and the slow but steady victories the stories contained, made it that more magnetic for everyone to ‘want’ it. Each non-preemie parent’s reaction helped teach me to lessen my exclusivity to this text in it not being solely for ‘us’, the parents of the most fragile, but moreso for the populace. It opened my bias, it offered clarity that the reality was that we are all human and we are all moved by inspiration, resilience, victories both big and small – even micro-preemie small…….

Preemie Peaces will pierce your soul, it will galvanize your anticipation into microscopic particles of optimistic promise and it will move you towards an enlightenment that human vivacity can grow into a mountain, from having been born tinier than a molehill.

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