Alec visiting the NICU where he was born, for the first time…

November 25th, 2014 – 17 years and 1 month to the actual date that Alec Sullivan Leitman entered the NICU at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola NY, did Alec return to that same NICU to present Dr. Nazeeh Hanna with the book Preemie Peace, and visit the place that cultivated both Alec’s entrance into this world, as well as his first moments and journey here on this beautiful earth…

Preemie Peace, is a book written by Alec’s Mother, Laura Sullivan Leitman.  The proceeds from the book will fund the Foundation in Alec’s name, as well as Alec will accompany Dr. Nazeeh Hanna as two of the three founding board members of The Leitman Neonatal Research Foundation, a foundation dedicated to the betterment, scientifically of the premature infant’s journey…

As a special additive, Alec was enraptured with the presence of Barbara and Sonja, two of the nurses who served him to a state of bountiful survival and to better health,17 years ago..!


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    Andrea Garganese says

    I was one of the many nurses who had the honor of taking care of Alec in the NICU 17 years ago. How amazing and so heart warming to see you and your family now! Love and peace to al of you.

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