Laura Sullivan Leitman

is an educator of 23 years at this writing, (2014), and a mother of two superlatively unequaled children, for the last 20 years.  She resides in Long Island, New York.  The book was written first and foremost to offer hope to any/all Preemie Moms awaiting the birth of their own premature infant, in any hospital, anywhere, nationally.  Secondly, the book was written with the intent of creating a research foundation, from the net proceeds of the book’s purchase, in Alec’s name, so to infuse the medical community with the monetary ability to continue serving the dream of healthy outcomes for premature children, that could equal that of Alec’s present physical/medical outcome.  Her dedication, gratitude and humility toward Winthrop University Hospital, the plethora of doctors and nurses that served Alec’s existence, and the limitless future of where medical research can grow toward, have not wavered over the past 17 years.